Some may think this is a bit lame, but hay it’s a good way to harness creativity. Some ideas for your horse head mask banter.

Girl in horse head mask

Horse Puns:

  • Don’t be a neigh-sayer
  • My mane Man
  • Pasture – past your
  • Colt – cold
  • Foal – full, fool
  • Horse – hoarse
  • Hoof – have
  • Whinny – win as in you whinny some and you lose some
  • Herd – heard, hurt

guy in horse head maskHorse Puns within a phrase:

  • Days like this can really stirrup the emotions.
  • Well, it won’t be there furlong
  • Must be a stable population
  • Come and horse around
  • Common mate, i’ll bale you out of studying
  • You’re never pasture prime
  • The stuff night mares are made of

Puns Used in an (awful) sentence

Hay Don’t be a neigh-sayer, you’re my mane Man. Run it pasture girlfriend and i’m sure once she’s herd you out she’ll let you hoof a boys weekend in Vegas.

  • They’ve been there a while, so it must be a stable population.
  • It’s a personality defect; he mustang out with the wrong people.
  • You will always rein king of the puns
  • These contests really stirrup the emotions

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