Some may think this is a bit lame, but hay it’s a good way to harness creativity. Some ideas for your horse head mask banter.

How about topping of that hilarious email you’re about to send with some Funny horse jokes

Horse Puns:

  • Don’t be a neigh-sayer
  • My mane Man
  • Pasture – past your
  • Colt – cold
  • Foal – full, fool
  • Horse – hoarse
  • Hoof – have
  • Whinny – win as in you whinny some and you lose some
  • Herd – heard, hurt

guy in horse head maskHorse Puns within a phrase:

  • Days like this can really stirrup the emotions.
  • Well, it won’t be there furlong
  • Must be a stable population
  • Come and horse around
  • Common mate, i’ll bale you out of studying
  • You’re never pasture prime
  • The stuff night mares are made of

Puns Used in an (awful) sentence

Hay Don’t be a neigh-sayer, you’re my mane Man. Run it pasture girlfriend and i’m sure once she’s herd you out she’ll let you hoof a boys weekend in Vegas.

  • They’ve been there a while, so it must be a stable population.
  • It’s a personality defect; he mustang out with the wrong people.
  • You will always rein king of the puns
  • These contests really stirrup the emotions

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